“I have thoroughly enjoyed overseeing each step of the process, as this collection has migrated from the drawing board to completion on the work bench.”

The successful translation of my designs has been largely due to two important members of the team.
David Bolding, who first planted the seed that gave rise to the reality of my becoming a jewellery designer, and who has shared so generously of his time and immense experience as a goldsmith and jewellery designer.

Meagan Meredith, who sculpted the beautiful wax models, used to make the silicone moulds from my design drawings.

Each piece is hand finished. The chain I have used in this range of jewellery for the pendants and necklaces is also of my design. Please be aware that some of my wood choices are available in limited numbers, only because they come from protected trees. I have to wait for one of our infamous Cape storms to provide the odd branch or two.

Biodegradable packaging

“The sustainability of the materials I have used for this jewellery collection has been of paramount importance to me and this is also reflected in the packaging.”

While the box housing each piece of jewellery has to be sufficiently sturdy to protect it, I have ensured that more than 90% of the packaging used is biodegradable.

I hope that you will continue to keep your jewellery safely in its original box for many years to come.

I have aimed to keep the packaging for freighting purposes to the absolute minimum, whilst ensuring the safe passage of your purchase.