“Upon reflection, I’ve realised that the antiques I started collecting when my wife and I bought our first home have influenced many of the elements within my collection and I have also turned to nature for inspiration as well as for my choice of materials.”

I started collecting early English ceramics and then branched into silver and glass. Reading and researching widely has resulted in me developing a sense of the design characteristics of the different periods and movements of the decorative arts.

“The indigenous flora of the Western Cape is truly inspirational. I love the way my drawings of plants have been transformed into beautiful silver objects to be worn and enjoyed.”

A short walk in the veld, or a morning’s visit to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, can provide enough ideas to keep me busy for years. However, one of the challenges I soon discovered is that colour is a very important characteristic to assist in identifying plants – and flowers, in particular. Working only in silver means that I have had to choose my plant subjects carefully so that they are distinctive and easily recognisable.

The philosophy behind my collection


By the past


By the present


By the present


the future

Economical for the planet

Collecting antiques means not only preserving the craftsmanship of a bygone era but also that the material components have been preserved, so one is not contributing to the ongoing plundering of limited natural resources. I have always felt that it was the most sensible thing to do, economically and for the planet.

Ethically sourced silver

I have only used ethically sourced materials. The silver comes from a refiner who guarantees that most of his silver is recycled – damaged and scrapped antique silver objects, old X-ray films and e-commerce waste.

Ethically sourced indigenous woods

Most of the wood I use has been bought from a company that vouches that their timber is obtained from sustainable sources. The Silver Tree is a protected tree, but I was fortunate to obtain a few small branches that had been blown off trees in friends’ gardens after storms. It is for this reason that some pieces may only be available as limited editions.