Over the years of regular visits to a local flea market I fell in love with and bought vintage wooden lidded bowls in a variety of dark, mostly indigenous South African, woods. As so often happens, before I knew it I had a collection of 20 or so. They vary greatly in size and style, but the patina of age and years of polishing on these bowls sparked the idea of using wood as a background to silver.

Initially I envisaged flowers and leaves in silhouette against a domed disc of dark wood, but this soon evolved into the 3 dimensional moulded study of part of the plant or flower that you now see. The concept of the sliver rimmed wooden disc was inspired by memories of using a large hand held magnifying glass to examine parts of plants or flowers in greater detail.

By focusing on South African indigenous flora, I want not only to celebrate their uniqueness and beauty, but also to highlight their vulnerability. In many instances their existence is endangered, due to urban expansion, aggressive agricultural practices and senseless veld fires. These plants are beautiful and need to be protected.

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